Each rider must sign a waiver and have their own health insurance.

PLEASE NOTE: All dates are subject to change, dependent on weather conditions.

Refund and Cancellation Policy

A $100 deposit is required to reserve a spot and is non-refundable/transferable within 14 days of event.

Any deposit paid toward a rescheduled date is non-refundable, but will be transferred toward a future date

To rent our motorcycles, you must:
 •Be at least 21 years of age
 •Have experience riding motorcycles (street legal motorcycles.  (Inexperienced, unlicensed riders can learn on our rental dirt bikes)
 •Have a valid motorcycle license from your home state or country (street legal motorcycles)
 •Wear full-face helmet, gloves, jacket, long pants, and footwear covering the ankles
 •Have a credit card with available credit for the full cost of your rental and damage deposit
 •Acknowledge and sign our Rental Contract

Additional motorcycle rental requirements:
 •You agree to ride within your own limits of ability and skill, exercising good judgment with regard to your own safety and the safety of others
 •You agree to keep and maintain our motorcycles to the highest standard while in your possession, which includes proper operation of the motorcycle, checking fluid levels, tire pressure, tire wear and chain lubrication
 •You agree to report any malfunction of your rental motorcycle to us immediately
 •You agree to abide by all rules of the road
 •You agree to wear all required safety gear at all times while operating the motorcycle
 •You agree not to allow anyone other than yourself or other authorized renters under your rental agreement to operate your rental motorcycle
 •You agree not to perform stunts of any kind on your rental motorcycle including but not limited to, stoppies, wheelies, or burnouts
 •We reserve the right to terminate your rental agreement and retake possession of the motorcycle in response to a violation of any of the foregoing.

 •Damage deposit will be authorized when motorcycle is delivered, and refunded when the motorcycle is returned on time without damage.